We are going to take some time for you to tell your story, hear it come out of your mouth and seep into our consciousness. Good conversation makes eyebrows rise, guts release blurts of laughter, tears slip out of their ducts and emotions come out and play. If we are lucky, we will share some wisdom with one another and find solid common ground. It is the way we get to understanding, by sharing our stories.

STEP TWO: reflection

Our team thinks before we speak and listens deeply even after the first conversation is over. We will provide you a clear reflection and stimulate new and deeper understanding of where you are at and where you want to go.

Putting it all out there is a risk and too often we settle for off-the-cuff judgements rather than informed advice that can come from real contemplation. You should expect to commit time to exploring your doubts and your fears because they will have to give way in order to bring your idea out into the world.


step three: design a plan 

In the vast realm of all possibilities we will build a plan that fits your dream and your vision. It will grow out of your ideas and be fortified with our experience and our commitment to excellence.

Our planning process will reveal to us the amount of time and money needed to get you what you want. We will explore strategies to create the time and attract the money that you need. Creativity requires information and energy brought into focus. It's easy as 1-2-3.

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