Inspiraseans is a talent collective ready to assist you in defining your intention, designing your creative process, addressing production challenges, keeping you on task and on time and maintaining your distribution and archival plan.

sharing your message with the world

a partnership in process and production


sharing your message with the world

a partnership in process and production

your creative process 2.0

Creatives need some production support to bring their visions out into the light. The ones willing to do some soul searching, comprehensive planning and innovative crowd-sourcing  ---  can launch transformative media enterprises that share a new vision and a call to action with the world.

There are now significant opportunities to attract kindred collaborators, investors and volunteers to your projects --- large and small. Financial and technological barriers have fallen. Help and expertise are on-hand. The only question left is whether you are ready to get serious and make your dreams reality.

Inspiraseans can help you develop and distribute inspired content so that your unique vision can take its place in our quickly changing culture. Please appreciate that our multi-talented team works with only a select clientele. If you would like to see if we are a good fit, we will be glad to set an appointment and explore whether we should work together.

The mission of Inspiraseans is to provide powerful media support behind the thoughtful, visionary impulses that drive your life's purpose.  Whether you want a Youtube channel that captures your expertise or a Kickstarter story to help raise funds, we can hep you get off the ground.

Waiting to have the free-time to master the different media platforms only prolongs the inevitable. Either your message will get out and carry the day or your ideas will be realized by another while you sit on the sidelines.

Temporarily expanding your staff and resources to meet this critical need costs you something and for a new enterprise you might feel like it is capital you don't have --- but your expansion and abundance depend on it. We have all been in this spot. Inspiraseans can work with you to create the time and space needed to get what you want. 

Our Co-Creative Process

1) Aligning with your Intention

Dialogue and Deep Listening
Fleshing out your Concept
Sounding Board to Story Boards
Partnering and Preparing the Way
Logistics and Locations
Documenting our Understanding

2) Co-Managing Media Production

Managing Logistics
Technical Review and Support
Creative Coordination
Shooting, Recording. Transcribing
Budget and Finance Management

3) Editing, Scoring and Packaging

Proofing and Editing Print
Cutting and Crediting Video
Audio editing and scoring
Special Effects
Compression and Storage

4) Distribution, Engagement and Evaluation

Online Platform Strategies
Social Media Integration
Campaign Analytics
On-Line Community Engagement
Site Maintenance and more ...